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North Little Rock Chamber of
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100 Main St., NLR, AR

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Customers say……
…gifted instructor in the areas of Leadership Development and Quality Management as well as a knowledgeable consultant who works to truly understand the clients’ business challenges then create interventions to meet those needs. -- Judy Lohmar, AR Blue Cross Blue Shield
…from conceptualization and design to implementation of projects … an incredible depth of knowledge and skills in communicating and engaging leaders in change. -- Ron Lanoue, ED, AR Legal Services Partnership
…a lot of meaningful and useful information in a short amount of time. Each participant left with skills they could  immediately use… simply fantastic and exceeded our expectations. -- Stephanie Fox, Vestcom
…a way of weaving information together that makes it exciting to learn and leaves you wanting more... a truly difficult concept … made understandable….but her gift... people trust…believe her. -- Dana McClain, Disability Attorney
With Nexus coaching, I was able to hone my skills of presenting information and add several new skills.  Thanks much for the work that you did with our group. -- Joyce Soularie, FYAN and DHS

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Annual Package**
$850/package (12 Seminars)
$800/package (12 Seminars) if purchase 6+ packages
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**Attendee registration is transferrable within your company.

Single Seminar
$125 each seminar
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April 4, 2011: Tune In or Tune Out?

The conniption of change often blocks us from acknowledging the problems that need to be dealt with in our businesses.  A multitude of forces can conspire to keep our attention on the day-to-day, on keeping things the same when the business is crying for improvement and help.  These forces can create the delusion that keeping things the same is a safe way to operate in these economic times. We can ever so subtly tune out the things we know in our gut are wrong with our customer relationships, our department, or between two employees.  We’d rather tune out than confront the situations for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes we don’t know how to resolve or improve the situation.  Sometimes we think we are too busy getting the day-to-day work done to deal with other “unplanned”… »